The valley you see, surrounded by the mountains is the town of West Shokan

Views below are those located around or near the house

Upstream view

Called the Druykill this stream running along the west side of the house offers a beautiful and tranquil respite. Fish, build a dam, walk along the stream bed or just sit and relax and take in what nature has to offer.
Down stream view

Although this stream does lead to the Ashokan Reservoir it rarely actually makes it. Usually the stream goes dry further down and only complements the water supply during the spring when the winter melt and spring rains.

The Ashokan Reservoir From Little Mountain

One of the Reservoirs to feed NYC with drinking water is visible from the top of Little Mountain. A one mile walk up a jeep trail from the house is this view.
The Valley From the Cliffs of Little Mountain

This view from the cliffs offers a beautiful view of the town and surrounding mountains. The rock formation you see is the top of the cliffs offering a quiet look out.