"Rick, we had a great time. The house was so peaceful and quiet. Just what my husband needed. I read two books while I was there. I left you a note. We left some homemade soup in the freezer for you."  
 "just wanted to tell you that your house was wonderful. The scenery, was breathtaking, and we had the most amazing time. Thank you and hope, to return there again soon."
Testimonials"We highly appreciated our time in your house. So I would like to really thank you for let us in your nice house located in a wonderful area. So once again Thanks. Hope you find the house in a proper order." 
 "Everything went well. We enjoyed the peaceful scenery-Woodstock, Ashkon reservoir etc-- especially the river behind the house. Although we never did locate the trail that led to the top of the mountain. Nonetheless it was a great time by all."