This is the living room, with our newly reconstructed fire place. There is a TV & VCR with satellite connection but, in reality the outdoors, the fire and good company are all you need to entertain yourself. Step outside and see the stars on a clear night it is a spectacular sight.

Adjoining the living room, is the dining room where you can have a quiet dinner and still enjoy the fire. On the wall are some pictures of how the land and house used to look. Perhaps one day we will add on porch and replace some of the old barns.

The first upstairs bedroom faces South and East catching the morning and mid day sun. Despite being the furthest bedroom from the stream, you can still hear it.

This bedroom faces South and West catching the mid day sun and afternoon rays. Although you can view the stream from all the upstairs bedrooms, the window on the right offers the best view.

There is one more bedroom with a single bed upstairs and another downstairs that sleeps two. To the left is the eat in kitchen taken from the dining room area. To the right are the kitchen and stove and to the back is the pantry area. The windows you see face back into the woods and the pathway that leads into them. The house has a baseboard hot water heating system. It is an old house but it has what you need to keep you warm.